You are glued to your audio recorder because no one taught you shorthand.

You can handwrite an average of 22 words per minute. Typing goes up to about 33 wpm.

National Shorthand Reporters’ Association championship winner Martin J. Dupraw wrote 260 wpm using Gregg shorthand. with 99.69% accuracy.

Here’s the word “refrigerator” in Gregg shorthand:



Why can’t we teach shorthand?

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    I’m a fast typist (~100 wpm) but shorthand would still be super useful for interviews. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT MEANS...
  4. atasteofyourownbatison answered: lol, I’m learning shorthand now so that I don’t have to use a Dictaphone when I start uni next year.
  5. quarterlifethinking answered: I just think it would be too difficult at this point :/ Wish I knew how to. It would make note taking MUCH easier but for now…digital rec.
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